My New Favourite Store

Today I found the specialty yarn store in Hobart, and it instantly became my favourite store in the CBD.  So much beautiful wool, so many gorgeous textures and colours.  I couldn’t help but purchase something, and my new yarn will become a lovely scarf in the new future.


This gorgeously textured yarn is ‘Tangier’ from Cascade Yarns, and is a 46% silk / 18% cotton / 18% acrylic / 18% viscose blend.  The pattern I have chosen is a Sweet Lorraine lace scarf designed by Doris Chan.  Since I haven’t been crocheting long, I thought I’d pick a design that looks intricate but is really quite straightforward.  It’s also got a fan edge instead of a more traditional straight edge, so if my stitching gets tighter it may not be as noticeable.  Hopefully I will have some images of the work in progress to upload soon!