Saturday On The Farm

This morning I got up early (well, okay so it was 9:30am but since I’m usually comatose until 11ish on the weekends, 9:30am was AMAZING) to go and have a late breakfast with my dad, who lives on a 40 acre farm about twenty minutes from my place.

Farm 140823

I took my youngest dog Luna, who is the least likely of my two dogs to run for it and never come back when she’s off the leash, and I decided she was due some one-on-one Ash time.

My adorable but idiotic Labradors – Chookie (black) and Luna (chocolate)

I hadn’t been to the farm for a while, so once we arrived Dad took us for a walk up to the top of the farm (the property is on the side of Huon Valley) to show me the improvements he’s done.  Needless to say, Luna ran around so much that she promptly made herself sick.  We had a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs (laid that morning) and then I proceeded to harvest the vegetable garden and bring home an impressive collection of leeks, silverbeet, spinach, broccoli and lemons.

I can see a leek and spinach quiche, and lemon pancakes in my future…