Crochet Coasters

I purchased some lovely grey/coffee coloured 100% cotton yarn yesterday, and after work I decided to make some coasters.  One of my pet hates is people putting their drinks straight onto the surface of my nice dining room table because they ‘don’t have enough room on the placemat’.  Grrrr.


So this pattern was a bit of a challenge.  It is a vintage pattern (1893) but the link no longer worked and I couldn’t find the pattern anywhere, just enticing images of lovely coasters that others had done using this pattern.  So I had to work it out myself by looking at those pictures.  I think I’ve managed to get it all right, but there was a bit of frogging (pulling out your work) going on – by the time I’d actually finished this coaster I’d probably crocheted enough for two!  Oh well, the end product is cute, and it’s the type of thing I can take to work and finish a whole coaster in my lunch break.  It also gives me something different to do in between bouts of crocheting my scarf (which is now about 60cm long).