Crochet-Along Adventures

I recently decided to be a part of a Blog Hop Crochet Along and since it officially began on Monday I have almost finished the first afgan square and should be able to get going on the second square during my lunch break today (who eats at lunch anyway?!)  In the image below, my first square is still missing the last three rows of double crochet.  Although the intstructions suggested using worsted weight yarn (in other words, 10 ply in Australia) I’m using 8 ply 100% wool for this since 10 ply is so much harder to come by, and double the price.

If you’d like to follow along in the Crochet Along, go to Persia Lou’s site for more information:

Afgan square 1

The next image is an earlier progress photo of my orange lace scarf.  This was taken about ten days ago, and it’s about four feet long now.  I’ll take another progress shot of it in the next couple of days – it’s looking great and I’m really happy with it.  The yarn is AMAZING to work with, would definitely recommend!

Orange Scarf Progress 1