Skype and Sickness

We’ve had a cold snap over the last couple of weeks, and one only needs to look out at the golden trees to see that Autumn has definitely arrived.  Unfortunately, I the change of season usually gifts me with a cold, and this one has been particularly nasty and prolonged.  Last week I needed to have a few days off work, so they turned into crochet catch up days!  I had been slowly falling further behind on my Sophie’s Universe CAL, however I can now say that I’m only half a part/week behind now!

I also spent quite a bit of time crocheting in front of my computer this weekend (as you can see in the picture below) since I had a ‘stitch ‘n bitch’ of sorts via skype with my sister and mother, who also crochet.  It was fun, and I got quite a bit done while talking utter nonsense!

I will post more updated CAL images soon, once I’ve finished the latest part 🙂

150323_CAL 150323_CAL1 150323_CAL2


This Week’s CAL Progress

I’m falling drastically behind now (two weeks behind in fact, gasp!) but I crocheted my butt off all weekend and managed to finish part seven of the CAL I’m doing, Sophie’s Universe 2015.  They suggest blocking after this part, and since it’d been starting to curl at the edges quite a bit towards the end I decided to go and purchase my first set of blocking mats!  Five stores later, and success!

150309_CAL 150309_CAL1 150309_CAL2