CAL Progress Report!

I’ve gotten back into my Sophie (Sophie’s Universe CAL 2015) and have been working on it as much as I could over the weekend.  I’m only one part behind now, very exciting!  During the last couple of parts I had begun to think that my colours were way too out there, and that I either had too many or it was just too busy.  However now that it has the green butterfly border to it, it has calmed right down, and that large amount of green links the rest of the blanket together – in my opinion anyway 🙂  Can’t wait to see the finished product.  If I did another Sophie, I would probably do it all in one varigated yarn – those Sophie’s look really interesting and I’d like to do one at some point for the bed.

150427_CAL2150427_CAL1  150427_CAL3


Rings of Change Adventures

Just a quick post to show you the start of my Rings of Change afghan, pattern by Frank O’Randle.  I worked on it over the weekend in 12 ply acrylic with a 6mm hook, and I’m enjoying how fast it’s stitching up.

Rings of Change 1 Rings of Change 2 yarn for Rings of Change

My Easter Adventures

I had five days off work over the Easter break, during which time I had to ‘farm sit’ for my Dad who has been away at the Canberra Folk Festival.  I gathered up my two main crochet projects (my Sophie CAL and the poncho) and stayed for two days.  I had been planning to stay the whole break, but I wasn’t feeling well and went back to my place for the remaining time, visiting the farm daily to feed the animals and check the eggs.

The internet was pretty sporadic at the farm, so I didn’t have much else to do except crochet!  My goal was to finish my poncho by today, and while I didn’t quite get there (I have only two rows on the border to go, and the ends to weave in) I should be able to wear it to work tomorrow!

Poncho progress 2 Poncho progress 3 Poncho progress 4 Poncho progress 5

The last two pictures of a very lazy hair-not-brushed it’s-the-holidays-don’t-judge-me Ash posing with the poncho was just me trying to work out if I needed any more rows before I started on the border.  As you can probably see, the ends aren’t woven in yet either!  But you get the idea.  I will post finished pics of it once it’s done, but I’m very happy with both the pattern and the colours 🙂  I can see myself wearing this ALOT.

On a crochet unrelated note, my other half and I went for a day trip to Mount Field National Park yesterday, which is about 100km from home.  Absolutely gorgeous scenery, and I had my head hanging out the window all the way up the mountain to inhale as much of that amazing forest smell as possible, despite it being only 5 degrees.  Chilly, but extremely worth it!

Mount Field

My Easter Poncho

I’ve started a poncho to crochet up over the Easter break, however I couldn’t help myself and started early.  Loving the collar so far, and LOVING the yarn – great colour, smooth and silky to work with, and stitches up fast. Really happy with the ribbing as well.  The yarn is Lionheart Aran, 6mm hook.

Easter Poncho