The Manghan Adventure

It’s been a while since I last posted; over the last coupe of weeks I’ve been playing around with a few patterns, a few new yarns, and trying to latch my interest on to something now that I’ve finished the Sophie’s Universe CAL.  So at the moment I’m working on a delicate shawl using varigated 4 ply cotton (images to come in the next few days) and a manghan (an afghan for my other half) in a chevron pattern, using Lionbrand Heartland yarn, in nice manly colours!  The chevron pattern is simple, but for someone who uses her brain a lot during the day at work, it’s nice to be able to do something monotonous with my hands in the evenings while watching TV.

150601_Manghan1 150601_Manghan2


6 thoughts on “The Manghan Adventure

  1. Aah, the m chevron. I think the last one I did (all sc) took months. Yikes. Actually, if you’re looking for something new, I saw some tapestry crochet vases on Ravelry (I think) that looked amazing. I don’t know if tapestry is something you already do, but it’s never too late to learn (until you get my age). Cheers, Ann

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