Knitting – Tempted By The Dark Side

Over the last week I’ve been trying my hand at knitting socks.  My mother gave me some yarn money for my birthday on Friday, and she’s a bit of a knitter so I thought I’d give it a go for something different.  I bought a couple of balls of gorgeous sock yarn, some double point needles and a sock book.  Mum has been great by attempting to teach me how to knit socks via skype, which is pretty difficult when you’re trying to hold the iPad in the best position for the camera while trying to awkwardly hold the needles correctly.  I kind of feel like I’m betraying my hooks though, and I keep calling the needles ‘hooks’!  This is the first thing I’ve knitted other than a few dodgy scarves, so it’s all pretty new to me. Fun, but very time consuming.  I find it very difficult to pick up stitches that I accidentally drop, or need to redo because the needles don’t have a hook on the end!  I’ve had to use a tiny hook a few times now to try and fix up knitting errors.  I also don’t like the how I feel like such a beginner – I knew how to knit and how to purl before this sock – THAT was it.  Now I’m attempting baby cables and it’s very VERY slow.  Also, knitting with five needles?! I don’t think I could take this kind of project in my handbag and knit on the bus.

I’m one square away from finishing my Summer CAL blanket, so I think I’ll put the sock down for a week or so to finish off that big project.

150918_stripey socks1