A Small Collection of Things

I’ve been enjoying my knitting so much over the last couple of weeks that it’s been REALLY hard to get back into uni study!  I’m proud of myself though since I haven’t started a new project for a while, opting to instead work on WIPs already on the needles.  Despite having some really lovely yarn all balled up and ready to work with, I’ve been a very good girl and haven’t touched it.  Yet.  Of course the whole ‘no new projects’ thing will change in the next week or so when I get my yarn delivery from the UK.  I’ve bought some Stylecraft DK to do the Persian Tiles crochet blanket pattern by Janie Crow.  All of you lovely knitters/crocheters living in Australia will know that our local supply of acrylic yarns is severely lacking, so I’ve bought this stylecraft to see whether it’s any better than the crappy Spotlight acrylic we can get here.  Seriously though, that’s not a big ask.

My latest WIP progress has been on my rainbow wrap!  I put it down at the halfway point because I was a little depressed about the amount of work I’d already put into it, only to be half done!  After completing the cedar leaf shawl and my sock (yeah, I haven’t done the second sock to that either, I have some serious second sock syndrome going on) I felt a bit better about continuing on, and I’m very glad I did.  I’m really enjoying working with that yarn again.

I’ve just told my workmate/friend/boss that I’d make her a cedar leaf shawl, so I guess that project will fit in somewhere between the rainbow wrap and the persian tiles blanket.  I already have the yarn for that – a lovely golden autumn shade of Cascade 220 Heather.  Yummy.  I’m wearing mine today for the very first time, and I’m so in love with its colour and drape.  Lorna’s Laces yarn might be pricey but Oh. Em. Gee.  So lovely.




7 thoughts on “A Small Collection of Things

  1. Your leaf shawl looks so pretty being worn, uhoh another pattern to add to my list! as for socks… the last pair I did two at a time but separately, knitting to the same point in stages and it made a difference. I am also learning two at a time on a magic loop but the jury is still out on that one 🙂


    1. Yes I took note of that ‘two at a time’ idea from your blog post. I’ll have to get another set of dpns (I haven’t learnt the art of sock knitting on a circular needle yet). I’d need a 25cm cable for socks yeah? You don’t find it cramped, working with a short cable like that?

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      1. I use a 23cm hiyahiya circular for my 4pky socks and it is short but I like that the stitches just flow. Some people prefer a 30cm but I find my stitches too stretched. It took a bit of getting used to. You might try and decide that you prefer dpns! You can do them on a much longer circular using magic loop. Winwick Mum has tutorials for all ways and the Facebook group is great for support and ideas 🙂

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      2. I’ll have to give it a go, I have a ladder problem on dpns that is making me have to spiral up the sock to keep the ladders under control. It would be much easier to not have to worry about adding and subtracting stitches each row as I go around.

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