About Me

My name is Ash, and I’m a landscape architect living in Tasmania, Australia. During the day I work in a design office in Hobart, but at night I moonlight as a violist in the local symphony orchestra.  I do the occasional bit of private landscape design work, and find myself sketching plans of trees and gardens on the sides of notebooks instead of the traditional doodling others may do.

As mentioned above, I’m a classical musician and play the viola.  Music used to be my life growing up, but as the years have gone by it has become more and more of a hobby and less like a limb I couldn’t live without.  I’d like to say I was pretty damn good at it too, but I’m still fairly rusty these days.  A decade without picking the viola up will do that to you.

I’m an avid reader, but generally do not go for fiction or non-fiction – that’s too close to real life for it to be truly interesting.  I’m in love with fantasy and science-fiction; people running around with swords, knights, castles, spaceships, pirates, thieves, magic – THAT will do me just fine.  Why read a book if it doesn’t give you an escape out of your normal boring life for a time?

I went and did a very silly thing last month and signed myself up to start another degree – a Bachelor of Plant Science.  I’ve already got a few bits of paper, so I guess you could say that this decision was more interest-based than career-based.  The botany side of the degree WILL be useful as a Landscape Architect though, and I am enjoying the subjects so far.

I’m pretty creative, and have been getting my old lady on and learning crochet.  My mum taught me how to knit as a child so I have been doing that for years, but I’ve been finding crochet extremely entertaining.

I’d like to say that I’m also a hard-core gamer as well, but I’m not so much anymore.  I’m a bit of a filthy casual when it comes to computer games these days, but do generally spend a couple of hours a night blowing monsters up online.  I have an awesome gaming PC called Winston; Winston makes me happy.


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