Wedding Shawl Progress

I’m up to row 7 of the netting! Looks a bit messy at the moment but hopefully by the time I finish and block it, it will lay flat and the netting will look neater. Lots of chaining and triple trebles involved!!

Wedding Shawl 1

Wedding Shawl 4Wedding Shawl 2 Wedding Shawl 3


Crochet Hook Holder

Unfortunately my posts have been few and far between over the last few weeks, due to my life being crammed with things to organise and do.  All of this has NOT stopped me from crocheting however, and I’ve finally finished a project started just after Christmas.

So, introducing my new crochet hook holder!  Double lined, double edged, colourful craziness made out of 4ply cotton with a 3.25mm hook.  What do you think?

Next on my crochet agenda is a navy shawl to cover up my sausage arms when I’m a bridesmaid at my sister’s wedding…

Hook holder final 1

Hook holder final 2 Hook holder final 3 Hook holder final 4

Did Someone Say CUTE GLOVES?!

I can FINALLY put up some images of the gloves/wrist warmers I made for my mother for Christmas, since she received them via mail last week.  Made from a gorgeous pumpkin merino/silk 8 ply yarn, I really did not want to part with these!  I’m extremely happy with the pattern, and will definitely make myself a set before winter.

Orange Gloves 6

Orange Gloves 2 Orange Gloves 3 Orange Gloves 4 Orange Gloves 5

A Crochet Hook Holder

During the Christmas holidays (after I finished the coasters of course) I finished a few random projects, however the main one has been a crochet hook holder.  It’s been a little time consuming due to the small ply (4 ply cotton, 3.5mm hook) but definitely worth it, since I think it looks great and I am in dire need of somewhere safe to put my hooks.

I found a nice looking pattern on Sweetheart Crochet ( but it has been a bit tricky in some places since there are no written instructions, only images.

Hook holder 1 Hook holder 2 Hook holder 3

Fruity Christmas Gifts

I’ve been in crochet coaster mode over the weekend, and have found a very cool pot holder pattern that I thought could be turned into a cute little coaster.  Introducing the watermelon coaster!

Watermelon Crochet Coaster

I had to frog it a couple of times and reduce the number of rows to keep it within coaster dimensions.  I also think that the next one should have a single crochet row of green ‘skin’ instead of half double crochet, as it looks a bit thick on this one.  But other than that I think it came together quite nicely.  I am working on an ‘orange’ coaster at the moment, and there will also be a lemon coaster in the set.  I will need to think of another fruit with a colourful centre to complete the set!

I used 100% cotton for this – 2 x strands of 4 ply yarn, with a 4mm hook to keep it nice and tight.

Quick Coaster

During my lunch hour at work today, I decided to find out how long it would take me to crochet up a coaster.  The answer? 35 minutes!  I will be able to start and finish a coaster on the bus to work – high five for multitasking!  This coaster is made from a black 8 ply cotton blend using a 4mm hook.

Black Crochet Coaster 1 Black Crochet Coaster 2

Square Decisions

The last couple of days have been filled with work, and while I sit in the office (or sit in a pub – you can’t go wrong when your office is situated between two of them!) and plug away at documenting nature-based playspaces I’ve been thinking about crochet and Christmas.  I skyped my mum last night and when she commented that Christmas was less than a month away, I got quite a shock.  I’ve been so busy in my own little world that I didn’t even realise how close the end of the year it was getting.  I wanted to get some cool little Christmas crochet projects done, but I already have too many works-in-progress at the moment that I can’t possibly start yet another without finishing something first.

So!  Mission Complete-A-Bloody-Project-Before-Christmas begins!  I am still rather enthusiastic about my granny square blanket project, so I’d like to finish that up before the end of December.  Below are some images of my latest squares, I think the colours are looking quite nice together (ie, one bright feature colour amongst the coffees/beiges).  Please excuse the ends not being tucked in yet!

flower square 2 plain square 2 all squares

Weekend Crochet

Since my sister and her family left last week I’ve turned into an anti-social hermit and only left the house for work.  My partner and I are both a bit like this – we don’t need to see / interact with people much to be happy!  Consequently I managed to get quite a bit done over the weekend.

Firstly, it turns out that I can’t get one of my lovely blue wools that I was working with anymore.  While I am a bit sad that I won’t be able to do any more squares with those colour combinations, I still have about nine finished blocks and will be able to make them into a lap blanket.  This also means that I can now switch to acrylic (which is machine washable, great for blankets obviously) and crochet a blanket in the squares that I’ve liked during this crochet-along.  I’ve decided to use a lot of bright feature colours (one per square) but link them all with neutral beige and brown tones.  Below are the first two squares – what do you think?

Flower Square 1 Flower Square 1a Plain Square 1