More Photoshop Exploits

As you can see, I get bored often!  The images below are of my sister and I as Chiss (a Star Wars race).  I’ve used different shades of blue for our skin tones; I tried that lovely purple-blue that Tegan is wearing on myself and it looked terrible!

tee chiss_saberAsh chiss


Photoshop, My Friend

I use Photoshop every day for work, and over the years I’ve picked up some tricks and become quite good at it.  A little while back I went through a phase of turning my family members into Star Wars characters with a little bit of photoshop magic, and I thought I’d share some of the results over the next couple of posts.  The image below is of my sister Tegan.  She originally only had some of the face markings on – I’ve embellished, made her bald and given her that lovely Rattatakki look!