Wedding Bells And Crochet Picots

We got married last weekend!  It was a beautiful day with perfect weather and awesome people.  However the real star of the show was my wedding shawl, which I had only just finished a few days prior.  Made in Mad Tosh Merino Light, the pattern was lacy and airy, and just right for a warm Tasmanian summer day.  Incredibly happy with how it turned out!


My New Hobby

As if I needed ANOTHER hobby.  I don’t have enough time for my existing hobbies as it is.  However, over the weekend I decided to have a go at dyeing my own yarn.  I really love the look of the speckled yarn that is the rage at the moment, but it’s so specialised, it’s very expensive.

I’m using cheap superwash merino to practice on, and it seems to be holding the colour very well.  I’m also just using food dye (although I did buy a packed of black dye powder today for my next attempt) and vinegar, as a cheaper option for now.

I began with tying the yarn into a skein (they came as balls), and soaking it in a mixture of luke warm water and vinegar (a couple of ‘glugs’, I didn’t measure the exact amount).

I then put the tray onto the stove and heated the yarn and water/vinegar mix to simmer point.  Taking the tray back to the sink I went about dotting the colours onto the yarn.  Some of the colour mixed with the water, and some of the colour landed on yarn that was sticking out of the water and concentrated there as speckles.  I used a toothbrush to get the smaller speckles, with a mixed result.

After I was happy with the colour placement I left the yarn/dye/water/vinegar to cool back to room temperature, before rinsing in the sink with another vinegar mix, and finally a bit of hair conditioner to keep the yarn soft and get rid of the vinegar smell.

It took two days to completely dry on my clothes rack, and I plan to re-ball the yarn tonight ready for use.

It’s Savage Ted’s Birthday!

This time last year I created this website to blog my adventures in crochet and life in general, and I am happy so say that my love of crochet has only increased over the last twelve months!  I can’t believe that I hadn’t tried to crochet before then – I liked knitting but I found it slow and got bored very quickly.

As a ‘birthday’ gift of sorts (any old excuse will do) I bought a LOVELY new handbag yesterday.  It was designed by knitters and has hook/needle pouches, roomy pockets and is big enough to not only house your usual handbaggy items but also a crochet project as well – all the while still looking like a classy handbag!  Absolutely in love with it.


So last night (after finishing a very stressful maths assignment) I treated myself to a start on the Summer CAL by Amanda Perkins.  I’m only using cheap Spotlight wool for this, but they have a great range of colours and I needed a full spectrum.  It’s a little fluffy but I don’t mind working in it.  So I finished the first square last night with a 4mm hook, which is the size I usually use for this yarn, but because of all of the HCs being used in this pattern, it worked up very tight and stiff.  So today during my lunch hour at work I finished a square with a 4.5mm hook, and it looks and feel SO much better.  It’s amazing how drastically a slight hook size change will affect crochet!  I am very happy with the CAL so far, I think this little block is very cute and it’s nice to change colour every row, for something different.  There are two block patterns out this week, and I have to do six in one and nine in the other.  I can’t wait to get home now, curl up under a doona on the lounge and crochet my little heart out in front of the TV!  No uni for me tonight! 😀


CAL Progress Report!

I’ve gotten back into my Sophie (Sophie’s Universe CAL 2015) and have been working on it as much as I could over the weekend.  I’m only one part behind now, very exciting!  During the last couple of parts I had begun to think that my colours were way too out there, and that I either had too many or it was just too busy.  However now that it has the green butterfly border to it, it has calmed right down, and that large amount of green links the rest of the blanket together – in my opinion anyway 🙂  Can’t wait to see the finished product.  If I did another Sophie, I would probably do it all in one varigated yarn – those Sophie’s look really interesting and I’d like to do one at some point for the bed.

150427_CAL2150427_CAL1  150427_CAL3

Granny Square Blanket Update

Over the weekend I had the sudden urge to crochet my six granny squares together, basically just to teach myself how to do it and find out what NOT to do for my next blanket project.  In general it was a success, apart from the extra rippling along the outer border.  I believe this happened due to the actual square pattern becoming larger towards the edges.

Once I finish the blue row I will block the whole blanket and see if that helps.  Regardless, I’m happy with the colours and I think it’s a cute little infant-sized blanket.

Granny square blanket

Square Decisions

The last couple of days have been filled with work, and while I sit in the office (or sit in a pub – you can’t go wrong when your office is situated between two of them!) and plug away at documenting nature-based playspaces I’ve been thinking about crochet and Christmas.  I skyped my mum last night and when she commented that Christmas was less than a month away, I got quite a shock.  I’ve been so busy in my own little world that I didn’t even realise how close the end of the year it was getting.  I wanted to get some cool little Christmas crochet projects done, but I already have too many works-in-progress at the moment that I can’t possibly start yet another without finishing something first.

So!  Mission Complete-A-Bloody-Project-Before-Christmas begins!  I am still rather enthusiastic about my granny square blanket project, so I’d like to finish that up before the end of December.  Below are some images of my latest squares, I think the colours are looking quite nice together (ie, one bright feature colour amongst the coffees/beiges).  Please excuse the ends not being tucked in yet!

flower square 2 plain square 2 all squares

Crochet-Along Adventures

I recently decided to be a part of a Blog Hop Crochet Along and since it officially began on Monday I have almost finished the first afgan square and should be able to get going on the second square during my lunch break today (who eats at lunch anyway?!)  In the image below, my first square is still missing the last three rows of double crochet.  Although the intstructions suggested using worsted weight yarn (in other words, 10 ply in Australia) I’m using 8 ply 100% wool for this since 10 ply is so much harder to come by, and double the price.

If you’d like to follow along in the Crochet Along, go to Persia Lou’s site for more information:

Afgan square 1

The next image is an earlier progress photo of my orange lace scarf.  This was taken about ten days ago, and it’s about four feet long now.  I’ll take another progress shot of it in the next couple of days – it’s looking great and I’m really happy with it.  The yarn is AMAZING to work with, would definitely recommend!

Orange Scarf Progress 1

Tangerine Delights

Every pay day I always like to buy a little bit of yarn, just to slowly increase my stash – and because I can’t seem to help myself when surrounded by all those yummy colours.  I mean, you can’t go into a yarn store and NOT come out with something?!

The gorgeous tangerine hues of my new Madeline Tosh hand dyed yarn is actually going to be made into something for myself – I seem to be always making things for others so it will be a nice change.  Orange is also my favourite colour – convenient!

MadTosh Yarn