Happy Birthday to Me

As you’ve probably guessed from the title of this post, it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve just received a present that was purchased with money from my Grandmother – twenty balls of 100% cotton yarn!  Unfortunately the order has been stuffed up a bit since I received only nineteen balls and some of the colours are different.  But the yarn I did get is beautiful, so good I could almost eat it!

Cotton Yarn

Also, I’ve started a new crochet project, one which I’m extremely excited about.  My niece is into everything black, pink and white, and is on board the Monster High train.  Absolutely loves the emo/goth/punk fashion.  So I’ve decided to make her a skull shawl!  I found the most beautiful black wool with tiny sparkling strands throughout, and below is my progress so far.  It’s crocheting up surprisingly quickly, and I should well and truly get this done in time for Christmas.

Skull Shawl Progress

With a bit of weight in the shawl once I get some more lines done, the little skulls should flatten out and be more obvious.  I think it’s adorable, and hopefully my niece will too 🙂


Squares of Crochet Goodness!

Below are my latest attempts at learning new patterns.  These sample squares will be incorporated into my granny square blanket.  I’m also using up all my dodgy cheap yarn in the process – win win! Crochet Square Crochet square Crochet Squares

Crochet Coasters

I purchased some lovely grey/coffee coloured 100% cotton yarn yesterday, and after work I decided to make some coasters.  One of my pet hates is people putting their drinks straight onto the surface of my nice dining room table because they ‘don’t have enough room on the placemat’.  Grrrr.


So this pattern was a bit of a challenge.  It is a vintage pattern (1893) but the link no longer worked and I couldn’t find the pattern anywhere, just enticing images of lovely coasters that others had done using this pattern.  So I had to work it out myself by looking at those pictures.  I think I’ve managed to get it all right, but there was a bit of frogging (pulling out your work) going on – by the time I’d actually finished this coaster I’d probably crocheted enough for two!  Oh well, the end product is cute, and it’s the type of thing I can take to work and finish a whole coaster in my lunch break.  It also gives me something different to do in between bouts of crocheting my scarf (which is now about 60cm long).

Oh, the Progress…

So it’s all starting to come together now!  My scarf is starting to look, well, scarfy.  This photo was actually taken a couple of days ago so it’s about double this length now, and starting to get a bit heavy to work on.  I’m absolutely loving the colour gradient and the texture of the yarn to work with, plus now that it’s getting longer the pattern is easier to see and I don’t mind that either!


There was a heavy frost this morning, and the grass was crackling under my boots as I walked to the bus stop.  This beautiful yet completely freezing weather is definitely keeping my enthusiasm up as I make my scarf!

My New Favourite Store

Today I found the specialty yarn store in Hobart, and it instantly became my favourite store in the CBD.  So much beautiful wool, so many gorgeous textures and colours.  I couldn’t help but purchase something, and my new yarn will become a lovely scarf in the new future.


This gorgeously textured yarn is ‘Tangier’ from Cascade Yarns, and is a 46% silk / 18% cotton / 18% acrylic / 18% viscose blend.  The pattern I have chosen is a Sweet Lorraine lace scarf designed by Doris Chan.  Since I haven’t been crocheting long, I thought I’d pick a design that looks intricate but is really quite straightforward.  It’s also got a fan edge instead of a more traditional straight edge, so if my stitching gets tighter it may not be as noticeable.  Hopefully I will have some images of the work in progress to upload soon!