Friendship And Love Etc Etc

So I splurged and bought some more Cascade 220 in various shades of cream and blues to make a blanket pattern by Helen Shrimpton called ‘Heart of Friendship’ (pattern on Ravelry can be found here:  This will be my work in progress during the uni semester, which has officially started today.

I have the centre of the middle block done so far, and the pattern is bubbling a bit at the moment but I’m sure it will flatten out in the later rows.  My sister is also crocheting this pattern, and is only a few rows behind.  Her colours are gorgeous too – I’ll try to convince her to send some pictures for me to display 🙂


It’s been snowing quite heavily on the mountains here in Tasmania over the last couple of weeks, and since my step-daughter has just arrived for her mid-year holiday from Darwin, we bundled ourselves into the car and went up Mount Wellington to have a play in the snow.  It was awesome!  One can never get sick of seeing snow 🙂

Snow 1 Snow 2 Snow 3 Snow 4 Snow 5


Holiday Hiatus

The last ten days have been, well, AMAZING.  My sister and her family stepped onto Tasmanian soils for the very first time, and we’ve spent the last week gallivanting across the countryside seeing amazing national parks and secret crystal white beaches.  I’ve had an absolute ball and it will be a sad day on Friday when she finally has to fly home.

Freycinet NP Freycinet NP 1 Friendly Beaches 1 Ash at Friendly Beaches

As you may be aware, she began to get jealous of my crocheting exploits and starting crocheting herself a couple of weeks ago.  Well, we’ve had a lovely time in the evenings over the last week working on our granny squares for the Crochet-Along that we are involved with.  My latest finished square is below, although the green yet again looks yellow in this photo (this is what happens when you don’t wait to take photos during daylight hours!).

Square 5I loved the granny ripple pattern, and can totally see myself making a whole blanket out of it for my nieces.  My great aunt made a granny ripple blanket for both my sister and I when we were babies, and we both still have the and use them everyday (I actually curl up under it on the couch and crochet!).  I’d like for my nieces and children (if I have any in the future) to have that same family connection.

Spring Has Officially Sprung!

Another morning on the farm provided ample opportunity to take photos of evidence that Spring has finally arrived.  The garden is full of gorgeous colours and scents, it’s hard not to be happy when surrounded by such things!



My local fruit and vegetable store sits next to a beautiful field of Daffodils, which of course are going berserk here at the moment.  These and the wattle trees flowering everywhere are just covering the landscape in yellow – driving through the mountains to get to the farm and I almost drive off the road trying to get a glimpse of the yellow trees scattered up the mountainsides…



Saturday On The Farm

This morning I got up early (well, okay so it was 9:30am but since I’m usually comatose until 11ish on the weekends, 9:30am was AMAZING) to go and have a late breakfast with my dad, who lives on a 40 acre farm about twenty minutes from my place.

Farm 140823

I took my youngest dog Luna, who is the least likely of my two dogs to run for it and never come back when she’s off the leash, and I decided she was due some one-on-one Ash time.

My adorable but idiotic Labradors – Chookie (black) and Luna (chocolate)

I hadn’t been to the farm for a while, so once we arrived Dad took us for a walk up to the top of the farm (the property is on the side of Huon Valley) to show me the improvements he’s done.  Needless to say, Luna ran around so much that she promptly made herself sick.  We had a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs (laid that morning) and then I proceeded to harvest the vegetable garden and bring home an impressive collection of leeks, silverbeet, spinach, broccoli and lemons.

I can see a leek and spinach quiche, and lemon pancakes in my future…

The Fire in the Sky

I’m not a morning person.  If it were up to me, I’d be sleeping in until mid morning and if someone wanted me up before then they’d have to hook me up to a caffeine drip half an hour before dragging me out.  Since I live half an hour outside of Hobart I catch the bus into work, meaning I’m usually loitering at the bus stop very early every morning.  Unfortunately due to it being the middle of winter – and the fact that it’s so cold here even the sun doesn’t want to hang around any more than it absolutely has to – I have been leaving the house in the dark and coming home in the dark.


Until now! The days are getting ever slowly longer, and I’ve been catching some CRACKER sunrises as I wait for the bus.  I guess there are some perks to being conscious this early.

A Beautiful Day in Paradise

Today is the first day since I moved here to Tasmania three months ago that I didn’t need to wear a coat and scarf outside.  Not a cloud in the sky weather and gorgeous sunshine through the leafless trees.

As I was leaving the office this morning I couldn’t help but take a quick photo of what I saw – the beautiful St David’s Cathedral in Hobart with its breathtaking stained glass windows and old weathered sandstone.  Quite a site to behold!


I love days like this, where I get to leave the office and go wandering through gardens and outdoor spaces in the sunshine.  It was a tragedy when the time came to go back inside to the computer.